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Wo Meijer

Dutch-American Product Designer.


I dabble in design, going to some of the best design universities in the world. I have not been at it for long, but I am passionate about user focused design thinking.

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Did you know I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the world class TU Delft? It gives me the practicle knowledge needed to get things done, and helps me work in interdisciplinary teams!

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Throughout my work experience I have managed to work with some great electrical engineers. It's not always easy, but I have some ideas of how to fix that.

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DTU (2018)

I am currently studying at the Design and Innovation department of DTU, I am focusing primarily on Innovation and Systems Design as well as Behavioral Economics.

KAIST (2017)

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Korea at KAIST, during this time I took classes on Digital Design Fabrication, Gamification, User Testing, and many other subjects.


As part of my course on Digital Design Fabrication, I developed an egg printing robot. My work on the project included the design and development of the linear stages used in printing and the development of the software and total usage work flow.

Magnetic Vibes

A study in using an interactive media installation to express complex emotions and issues affecting the creators. It consists of a mirror that the “receiver” of a message can move back and forth, and after some time the message “hey” appears from the ball bearings moving on the mirror’s surface.

TU Delft- Masters Integrated Product Design

After getting a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering I am working on furthering my education with a masters at one of the biggest industrial design faculties in the world.


While working for Dutch 3D printer company Ultimaker I was fortunate enough to work with five other masters students to create the Ulticast. The Ulticast is a system that enables Dentists, Prosthetic Designers, and Soft Roboticists to create high quality silicone parts in a repeatable, automated way. Not only does this save a great deal of man hours, the ability to fine tune every aspect of the mold, as well as print

During the project I was the lead of the industrial design team, this meant not only working closely with the engineering team to ensure that everything was feasible and resolving conflicts in function and operation, but also spearheading efforts to take the level of user experience above and beyond the standards for 3D printers. This included detailing and refining the workflow of printing from the packaging of the silicone down to the system error dialogues. Additionally, I created an urgency mapped error system that would detect issues and let the user know the severity of the issues with accompanying sound, light, and error messages.