you shouldn't be able to see this....

the ICHI

Bluetooth Audio Done Right

The ichi is the first bluetooth audio receiver that we actually enjoy using. And we think you will as well!

Designed to fit into a standard RCA jack (found on all fine amplifiers and stereos), the ichi hides away to keep your life free from cables.

Clean Audio With Blue Teeth

Using advanced bluetooth 3.0 technology, in combination with the highest quality dual 16-bit audio transcoders, the ichi strives to produce the cleanest, most pleasant sound possible. All of this while your phone, tablet, or laptop is free to move around (with in 3 meters to maintain the best connection) :D

Simple, Subtle, Hidden

Designed to fit stealthily into the back of professional and armature ams alike, the ichi takes up as little space as possible while delivering the best possible wireless audio.

The ichi also uses a world class PCB antenna so you can listen to your music from further and through more obstacles than ever before.