you shouldn't be able to see this....

N5 magentic stand

Magnets, how do they work?


Our passion for simple and elegant wood, rare earth magnets, and that wonderful phone known as the nexus 5 hace mashed together into the beautiful N5 stand. It holds a Nexus 5 at a pleaseant 120 degrees.


Even when there is no phone in it’s gentile magnetic embrace, the N5 stand is still a thing of beauty. The face is made from hand selected, solid woods and comes in any species of wood you like. This means you can select dark woods to complement your phone or light woods to contrast it. Its another one of many reasons that all N5s are hand made.

Harnessing the rare powers of rare earth metals.

by using strong rare earth element magnets, the N5 has a firm hold on your phone. It securely aligns the phone in the upright position and keeps it there. The magnets are firm enough to hold the phone even while it vibrates, yet gentle enough to let you easily remove the phone when needed.