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H3 Standing Desk Sytem

Born from the eternal quest to develop the finest standing desk for design and production professionals, WoKiva is proud to present the H3 Standing Desk System. The H3 is a compact, economical, and modular standing desk implementation.

More than a Desk, it’s a system

The H3 is not a desk, it’s a system. It is an idea. it’s constantly being improved on and redeveloped. However, at the core every H3 we make works on the same principle: Two Ikea Stools are used as supports for the expertly made ‘blade’, and this assembly rests on top of an existing desk or on a cabinet. This means that you can enjoy the functionality and convenience of a standing desk for a fraction of the price, as well as allowing easy disassembly and storage.

Why Stand?

While Wikipedia loves to remind us that the health benefits have not been clearly established , we at WoKiva Industries truly believe they are beneficial not only to health, but also the creative process. That's why we designed the H3, which is used at our offices. In fact this is being written on an H3 right now.

Customization Unto Death

Every H3 standing desk is different, just like it’s owners, so we offer a wide variety of customizations. Everything from dimensions to the color can be changed to fit your needs. Inlaid accents, logos, and other things can be added by hand by our craftsmen. Further customizations such as changing the form or adding features like cable holders and monitor lifts can also be included. Its one of the many reasons that we hand make all our H3s.

Proud to be Dutch

All of our H3's are hand made in Delft by our team of woodworkers. Keeping manufacturing in the Netherlands allows us to ensure the utmost quality. Furthermore, having it hand made near our offices allows us to offer unique custimizations that our customers value.

And let's face it, hand made just feels better.